Temple Run PC and Android (Free Download)

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Before you can download it for free, first you need to follow some 3 easy steps below to unlock your download.

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Step 2. Download and install the 2 programs called  VIO and Gino Player. Just click the 2 image given below.
VIO Player. Click the image to start downloading.
Gino Player. Click the image to start downloading.

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How To Download and Install Temple Run On My Android Phone?
Follow the instruction below
Step 1: First you need to download "Temple_Run_Android
APK File For Android Phones".
Step 2:  After Downloading the file, extract it using Winrar.
Step 3: Open the extracted file, right click then select "Copy" or "CTRL+C" the "Temple_Run_Android_V.1.11.apk"
Step 4: Connect you SD Card Using Your USB Cable.
Step 5: Open your SD Card Storage then "Paste" it inside your Removable SD Card. 
Step 6: Remove your SD Card from your then open your Android Phone.
Step 7: Locate "Temple Run For Android Phones.apk" on your Android using your File Manager then wait until the setup of installation is completed.
Step 8: Done! Play and Enjoy "Temple Run On Your Android Phone With Your Friends.
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